Two-sided BRDF adapter

Two-sided BRDF adapter (twosided)

By default, all non-transmissive scatteringmodels inMitsuba are one-sided—in other words, they absorb all light that is received on the interior-facing side of any associated surfaces. Holes and visible back-facing parts are thus exposed as black regions.
Usually, this is a good idea, since it will reveal modeling issues early on. But sometimes one is forced to deal with improperly closed geometry, where the one-sided behavior is bothersome. In that case, this plugin can be used to turn one-sided scattering models into proper two-sided versions of themselves.The plugin has no parameters other than a required nested BSDF specification. It is also possible to supply two different BRDFs that should be placed on the front and back side, respectively.

Parameter Type Description

  • (Nested plugin) : bsdf
    • A nested BRDF that should be turned into a two-sided scatteringmodel. If two BRDFs are specified, theywill be placed on the front and back side, respectively.

  • 最終更新:2014-05-21 10:59:09