Opacity mask

Opacity mask (mask)

This plugin applies an opacitymask to add nested BSDF instance. It interpolates between perfectly transparent and completely opaque based on the opacity parameter.
The transparency is internally implemented as a forward-facing Dirac delta distribution. Note that the standard path tracer does not have a good sampling strategy to deal with this, but the volumetric path tracer (volpath) does. It may thus be preferable when rendering scenes that contain the mask plugin, even if there is nothing “volumetric” in the scene.

Parameter Type Description

  • opacity : spectrum or texture
    • Specifies the per-channel opacity (where 1 = completely opaque) (Default: 0.5).
  • (Nested plugin) : bsdf
    • A base BSDF model that represents the non-transparent portion of the scattering

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