Blended material

Blended material (blendbsdf)

This plugin implements a “blend” material, which represents linear combinations of two BSDF instances. It is conceptually very similar to the mixturebsdf plugin. The main difference is that blendbsdf can interpolate based on a texture rather than a set of constants.
Any surface scattering model in Mitsuba (be it smooth, rough, reflecting, or transmitting) can be mixed with others in this manner to synthesize new models.

Parameter Type Description

  • weight : float or texture
    • A floating point value or texture with values between zero and one. The extreme values zero and one activate the first and second nested BSDF respectively, and inbetween values interpolate accordingly. (Default: 0.5)
  • (Nested plugin) : bsdf
    • Two nested BSDF instances that should be mixed according to the specified blending weight

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